All lions are cowardly at times

What comes to mind when you read the word “bravery”?

A big, strong man? A warrior or solider? A lion with a triumphant mane?

When I think of the word “bravery” I don’t exactly see images of bravery. The first thing that comes to mind is a sense of enduring in the face of opposition, discomfort and temptation. I think of it as a tough old woman carrying on despite the innumerable hardships for the sake of those she loves.

Instead, it’s a feeling. The feeling of doing it even though you’re scared out of your mind. Bravery is experiencing this feeling of knowing deep down that you are capable of accomplishing something intimidating even if you feel like an imposter. 

Bravery is so much more complex than simply exerting power and dominance over others or an obstacle with your muscle or brawn. It’s psychological. It’s a chess match you play with your intellect and your emotions, trying to get the prize in check. Trick your brain to think it’s having fun to mask those feelings in inadequacy or fear and uncertainty.

If you can manage to continue in the face of adversity, fear, and uncertainty you will cross the threshold and discover a deep sense of empowerment. You’ll know next time a doubtful thought floats to your consciousness regarding the journey you are taking that it is simply that – a doubtful thought – and not an inevitability. You will know that you are capable of accomplishing the goal you have set out to achieve that once seemed insurmountable.

It looks smaller now from where you stand.

Take a photo of that feeling and keep it in your heart where you can find it the next time you need a reminder.

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