The Type A Bohemian is a FREE-SPIRIT in regular search of the next adventure or new experience. They can often be found making seemingly mundane obligations into games and challenges in order to pass the time until their next trip or adventure

The Type A Bohemian is RESPONSIBLE to Self first and foremost as regular Self-care and  preservation help empower the whole to treat others with similar care and act more responsibly for the well-being of others and Planet: Earth.

The Type A Bohemian is GOAL-ORIENTED. When a goal is set and spoken aloud, others will learn to consider it done because this individual is a steadfast one who believes in their ability to make their dreams become reality however long it takes

The Type A Bohemian is DETERMINED to get out and stay out of debt, reach Financial Independence and live generously on the other side of this journey

The Type A Bohemian is RESILIENT in the face of overwhelming challenges and setbacks. They will find a way over, under, around or through an obstacle because they are committed to their goals

The Type A Bohemian is REFLECTIVE because an unexamined life can often lead to dead-ends and roundabouts. Regular self-reflection keeps you on track and steadily moving (in a winding direction!) towards your highest goal

The Type A Bohemian is CREATIVE because the act of making stuff is good for the soul and helps to prevent stagnation and boredom and wields off depression!

The Type A Bohemian is FORWARD-THINKING because that is inevitably where each of us is going and we owe it to ourselves to prepare for a soft-landing when we get there

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